Shell of a star shaped prism

Creating Shells with OpenSCAD

Antony Monjauze had a question about whether OpenSCAD could be used to create a shell from an imported stl. At first I thought this wouldn’t be possible. It seems like to create a shell you would need to know something about the geometry of the stl you were importing, and OpenSCAD can’t tell you anything about what the dimensions of an imported stl are. However Henning Meyer’s comment on this thread explains how it can be done.
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Ready for exercise

Hacking the Butler

My first hackathon was in April. It was fantastic experience. We came up with a cool product (1st Runner up!) and I also got to learn a lot, not just technical skills but also about how to approach product development and working in a technical team. I’m going to write two posts about the hackathon. This post describes what we made, the next one will talk about my learning points. Continue reading

100% Fan

Ducted Fan Part II and Octoprint

Last month I posted about installing a ducted fan on Squirty. After installing the fan I read issue 42 of MAKE magazine and became excited about two ideas to try for testing out the ducted fan. As is often the case, I got a bit distracted trying out these ideas so it’s taken me a while to get round to answering the original question of whether the ducted fan helps with print quality or not (short answer is yes, but more work needed for Squirty to match commercial desktop printers).
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Fan held in place with electrical tape

Ducted Fan Part 1

The suckiness of Squirty’s ability to make nice overhangs and bridges has been getting to me recently. I have been really impressed by the cool support-free prints created by LeFabShop on thingiverse but then have been disappointed when I find that they don’t quite work for Squirty. Their elephant turned out nicely but when I tried to print their awesome car it failed to print the tougher parts of the print. I’ve also failed to make a home hydroponics kit that will hopefully stop our houseplants from dying. I’ve now installed a ducted fan attachment today which hopefully will allow me to make overhangs and bridges without support.
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Slic3r 117

Slic3r Profiles Data Directory

If you are used to using the version of Slic3r that came with your version of pronterface (V 0.9.9 for me) and then download the new version (V 1.1.7) you may be horrified to discover all of your print profiles have gone. You then may be even more horrified when you open the old version of slic3r and realise that your print profiles aren’t there either. Trying to load them by going to File-Load Config and navigating to the .ini file only allows you to load one at at time and messes up the naming.
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