Ducted Fan Part II and Octoprint

Last month I posted about installing a ducted fan on Squirty. After installing the fan I read issue 42 of MAKE magazine and became excited about two ideas to try for testing out the ducted fan. As is often the case, I got a bit distracted trying out these ideas so it’s taken me a […]

Slic3r Profiles Data Directory

If you are used to using the version of Slic3r that came with your version of pronterface (V 0.9.9 for me) and then download the new version (V 1.1.7) you may be horrified to discover all of your print profiles have gone. You then may be even more horrified when you open the old version […]

Batch processing with OpenSCAD

I recently had to print about 30 unique items with a similar geometry but with different detailing. They were all an awkward shape to print – there was no way of aligning them so that there were no overhangs. I found a way of batch processing them to get them all ready for printing.