Please internet, fix my circuit

I have never had much success with analogue electronics. This weekend I wasted 6+ hrs trying to get a pretty simple circuit to work. Then I fried the parts so I can’t work with them any more, this at least is a blessing as it can no longer suck up time and generate additional frustration. […]

Stealth Printer II: The Case

In my last post on stealth printing I described how I set up pronterface and VNC on a Raspberry Pi to control Squirty from an iPad. This lets me have the printer set up anywhere in the house rather than having it at my desk in the bedroom. Having it in the living room makes […]

Dial Gauge Holder

Many 3D printing forums and blogs lecture on the quintessential importance of a perfectly level print bed. Achieving this state of printing nirvana is however a tedious and difficult task. Checking the height of the bed at various points requires you to move the print head to that position and then carefully lower it until […]

Beerbot Mark II

I’m very excited to have a stand at the Singapore Mini Maker Faire in July and I’ve been working to tidy up two projects to exhibit. One is a refurbished version of my Beerbot (last seen here). The aim behind Beerbot is to be able fetch a beer from anywhere in the house and bring […]