BeerBot is a Raspberry Pi and Lego Mindstorms powered robot that can be controlled via the web and made to grab and drag beverage cans.

It was started as a project to learn more about the Raspberry Pi, networking and Python. It’s since been used as a fun interactive exhibit for the general public (and especially kids!) to learn more about programming and to hopefully inspire people to make their own gadgets. BeerBot has been exhibited at the Singapore Mini Maker Faire 2014 and at Singapore Hour of Code 2014

BeerBot's features (SSH control has been since upgraded to a web server)
BeerBot’s features (SSH control has been since upgraded to a web server)

It is equipped with a camera, an ultrasonic distance sensor and a laser sight. Most importantly it has a pair of servo activated claws that can grab a can of your selected beverage. A CherryPy web server runs on the Raspberry Pi, which can connect to a wifi network using a USB dongle. Users can view a web page on the server that shows what the robot is seeing and which allows them to move it and control the other features such as the claw and the laser sight.

The code for the BeerBot is available on github
You can read blog posts about the BeerBot here
BeerBot was featured in the Vulcan Post here

Videos of BeerBot in action:

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