The Butler

The Butler is a device that makes using fitness equipment more attractive for seniors by adding social features. It is designed to be retrofitted to the “fitness corner” equipment that is common in Singaporean housing estates.

The Butler consists of an Inertial Measurement Unit that can be attached to any machine and then calibrated to record how the machine is being used. An RFID reader identifies individual users based on their metro cards. An LCD screen shows messages and progress to the user. Progress is posted to the cloud using a Linkit ONE with a WiFi (or 3G) connection, where it is used to unlock achievements and to allow friendly competitions.

The prototype was produced for the Singapore IoT Hackathon 2015 and came in second place. I was part of a team from the Image and Pervasive Access Lab.

You can read blog posts about the Butler here

There is an IPAL write up of the hackathon here

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