BeerBot in his current format


BeerBot is a Raspberry Pi and Lego Mindstorms powered robot that can be controlled via the web and made to grab and drag beverage cans.

Squirty printed well on Saturday, but misbehaved badly on Sunday

Squirty the RepRap

Squirty is a RepRap Huxley that was built in late 2012 and has since been modified, broken and repaired many times.

Ready for exercise

The Butler

The Butler is a device that makes using fitness equipment more attractive for seniors by adding social features. It is designed to be retrofitted to the “fitness corner” equipment that is common in Singaporean housing estates.

Skinned in unexploded mode

Exploding Zeppelin Helmet

This fancy dress costume allows someone to place a zeppelin on their head. When the controls on the helmet are touched the zeppelin will “explode”. An explosion sound effect is played, flickering flame lights come on, the front of the zeppelin tips forward and coloured ribbons are blown out of the gap by a fan.

Candles were not 3D printed (but given that PLA burns quite well maybe you could print them?)

Project Tombstone

Project Tombstone is a 3D printed trophy designed for members of a team from a particularly tough project. It has lots of Secret Features.

Printed holder with paintbrushes

Paint Brush Holder

This is a paint brush holder designed in OpenSCAD. It is parametric and so can be very easily customised to hold more brushes and to tweak the dimensions. It has >1,700 Thingiverse downloads.

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