Z-probe V1: The Gom Jabbar

By far the most frustrating part of 3D printing with Squirty the RepRap has always been the strange dance you have to do to get the Z distance correct. I use a strip of paper and carefully pull it back and forth underneath the nozzle while trying to bring it close enough to the bed […]

Squirty Spawns

Every beloved gadget must have a name. I’ve experimented with a few different alternatives but the one that has stuck was suggested by a friend. He had recently attended a conference where an eminent professor had described 3D printers as “glorified icing bags” and therefore though Squirty would be an apt moniker. I think it […]

It lives!

I received my Reprap Huxley kit in December last year. After many weekends of construction, tinkering and blank eyed despair it is finally in a state that could be described as “working order”. This blog will occasionally document my projects with the Reprap and try to explain some of the many things that go wrong […]