Project Tombstone

Project Tombstone is a 3D printed trophy designed for members of a team from a particularly tough project. It has lots of Secret Features.

There are 3 Secrets:

  1. Removing the tombstone from the grassy knoll reveals a secret compartment that can store a small booklet of top secret information
  2. Pulling down on the tab on the right hand side of the tombstone slides open a panel revealing a lithophane that can be viewed by holding up to the light
  3. Turning the grassy knoll upside down seems to show a smooth surface, but shine a light in the opening at the top and an image and initials become visible

It’s designed in OpenSCAD so everything can be customised. The positions of the blades of grass are randomly generated so every one is different.

You can view it here on thingiverse. It builds on the randomisable grassy knoll.

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