Squirty the RepRap

Squirty is a RepRap Huxley that was built in late 2012 and has since been modified, broken and repaired many times.

Somewhat out-of-date slide showing Squirty's features
Somewhat out of date slide showing Squirty’s features

One of the initial motivations to build Squirty was to print parts for the BeerBot. Work on the BeerBot also gave me enough confidence with various geek skills to believe that I could actually put together and calibrate a RepRapPro kit.

Instead of printing parts for BeerBot I have focused on making various modifications to the printer and on designing interesting things to print with it. Repairing and re-calibrating the printer also provides a never-ending source of entertainment/frustration.

The modifications I have made to the printer have been:

  • Replacement of the 0.5mm nozzle with a 0.3mm one
  • Borosilicate glass bed
  • OctoPi controller
  • Perspex/3D printed case (unfortunately now destroyed)
  • Ducted fan
  • Autolevelling probe (in progress)

Squirty has a son, called GIB (Glorified Icing Bag), who lives in the UK
You can read blog posts about Squirty here

Timelapse video of Squirty printing a test piece:

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